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Don’t continue to suffer needlessly with neuropathy, stenosis, degenerative disc disease, or chronic knee and shoulder pain or other troubling symptoms! Call to make an appointment with one of our specialists.  (see our number below). We want you to start feeling better as soon as possible—so call us today!



Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C., BCIM< CFMP started Camarillo Spine and Sports Therapy more than 30 years ago, treating patients with back pain. His practice has grown significantly over the years and now includes several specialties, including functional medicine, neuropathy, spinal decompression, chronic pain, massage therapy, exercise physiology, physical therapy and neurofeedback


Welcome to Camarillo Spine and Sports Therapy!

Dr. Michael Veselak, D.C., BCIM,  CFMP is the Clinical Director at Camarillo Spine and Sports Therapy. His aim, along with that of his multi-discipline team, is to use a variety of approaches so that—despite what you might be going through right now—you can finally reach that all-important goal: optimal health.

Did you know? Most of our patients have already seen other doctors before visiting us! We believe we can make a difference, even if you’ve already been treated by a doctor who has failed to help you.

Our highly trained team of experts can help you with:

  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • spinal stenosis
  • degenerative disc disease
  • sciatica
  • neuropathy
  • balance problems
  • chronic pain
  • headaches
  • detoxification
  • nutrition
  • weight loss
  • general health

We want you to attain health naturally, without surgery or drugs. That’s why we work hard to discover the root of the problem—so that it can be treated in the most effective way possible. In other words, when it comes to our chiropractic care, one size does not fit all…we customize your treatment plan, designed from the latest scientific techniques, to fit your specific needs. First, we do a thorough examination and review your individual needs. Then we’ll explain all your treatment options. If you need a referral to a specialist, we’ll provide that too. We provide a wide array of chiropractic care along with other treatments and services. We also teach you exercises and stretches designed to strengthen specific areas. In addition, we provide advice about nutrition and lifestyle that will optimize your journey toward the best level of health possible. Plus, from the first time you visit, we believe you become one of our family—so that’s exactly how we treat you.

Our one and only goal is to help you become as healthy and as pain free as possible!

When you need expert chiropractic and natural health care,

Camarillo Spine and Sports Therapy

is the right place for you!

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